According to the latest census numbers (2008), women make $0.77 to every man's dollar (1) and the average revenues of majority women-owned businesses were still only 27% of the average of majority men-owned businesses (2). My hope for Sparking Cinderalla is to foster a community of support for female entrepreneurs as well as provide a little juicy insight into who these women are in their everyday lives. After all, as Mama Gena says, "Women are the greatest untapped natural resource in the world."

Monday, February 21, 2011

Brenna Padesky: Brenna Green Jeans

Name:  Brenna Padesky
Job Description: Owner of Brenna Green Jeans
Company Info: 
I design original knit and crochet wear and home accessories.

1. What made you decide to start your company?
I am a total control freak and perfectionist. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to run a business that was completely based on my own tastes and desires. I learned to knit in college and taught myself to crochet shortly after. Creating has always been an outlet for me. It's a way that I can express my unique sense of humour and bring to life what I see in my imagination. I foresee that my designs will grow quirkier as I continue to carve out my design niche.

2. Where do you see your business in 5 years?
I'm looking forward to getting my hats and hood scarves featured in some unique boutiques not only in New York City, but also in Wisconsin where I grew up. I'm also planning to expand and offer blankets, pillow coverings, and other household goods. Summer promises to get my creative juices flowing because who needs cold weather gear when things heat up? I've already got some fun ideas in mind (think bikinis...). Right now most of my sales are local. I wear my items around and people get interested. I am really looking forward to seeing online sales grow and my Etsy site flourish.

3. Who was your inspiration?
My inspiration for my items comes from my friends and family. I design each item with someone in mind. Sometimes the item reflects the personality traits of the person who it's made in honour of. Other times, I don't have someone in mind when I begin a project but by the time I'm through I can picture exactly who should be wearing it, so I name it for them.

4. What turns you on?
So many things. My boyfriend for one (that's important, right?). Creatively, I'm turned on by anything that has history. I love old quilts. They seem very romantic and I love imagining who made them and slept underneath them. I also love vintage fabrics and children's books, old farmhouses, and cardigan sweaters that look handmade. Show me pretty much anything that looks like a grandmother should own it, and I'll fall in love. I hope that the people who buy my wares will keep them for a long time and have lots of adventures of their own while wearing them. I like to daydream about where a pair of my legwarmers might end up in 50 years.

5. What advice do you have for tomorrow’s female entrepreneurs?
Take it one step at a time. It's so easy to become overwhelmed when you think about all of the things that need to happen in order for your business to become a reality. I try to celebrate each small achievement. It's much more important to me to do things well than to do them fast. Every sale, no matter the size, is hugely thrilling and I hope I never lose that feeling. I can hardly believe that something I only imagined doing has become a viable business over the past few months.

6. Tell us a sexy secret ;-)
Well, I haven't been hit by lightning or anything like that, but I did (accidentally) bite myself in the knee when I was a kid. Hard enough to require stitches. And the scar looks like a kiss print. Muah!

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