According to the latest census numbers (2008), women make $0.77 to every man's dollar (1) and the average revenues of majority women-owned businesses were still only 27% of the average of majority men-owned businesses (2). My hope for Sparking Cinderalla is to foster a community of support for female entrepreneurs as well as provide a little juicy insight into who these women are in their everyday lives. After all, as Mama Gena says, "Women are the greatest untapped natural resource in the world."

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Paula Tursi: Reflections Yoga

Paula Tursi
Job Description: Director of Reflections LLC
Company info: Yoga studio in the heart of Times Square,

1. What made you decide to start your company?

I had always run a "yoga retreats and training" business. My students really wanted a home where they could gather and practice and so when this fell in my lap I decided to go for it...mostly for them.

2. Where do you see your business in 5 years?
I think we will have a second location in Manhattan and be sharing many of the wonderful lectures and events held at Reflections around the world.

3. Who was your inspiration?
Always my students.

4. What turns you on?
Anyone or thing that can expand. I am here to grow and learn so I love to meet a challenge with grace and and I am totally turned on by others who want to do the same. That and art: I love things of beauty. They don't have to be classically beautiful but inspiring. That's why we have so much art and music at the studio.

5. What advice do you have for tomorrow’s female entrepreneurs?
Not to give up their feminine. I did that in the beginning. I thought I needed to be man to deal with our 40 person staff plus everyone else! I wasn't good at it. I love finding the strength in the feminine and leading from there. It's more natural, more effective.

6. Tell us a sexy secret ;-)
I talk to spirits...have since I was a little girl. I know it sounds crazy but you asked!

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